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Why Masonry Products Are Better Than Wood

There are several reasons you should consider masonry products over wood and some of them have been discussed here. The most important advantage of masonry products is durability. All over the world, over 50 percent of structures that are over 100 years old are built with masonry products. Nothing confirms the durability of masonry products more than that.

Very good masonry buildings are the popular pyramids of Egypt. Do you know that all of them are still standing today? What will strike you most is that nothing about the pyramids shows that they have been existing for centuries. Apart from durability, here are the other benefits of masonry products

They are cost effective

While it may be cheaper to go for wooden products, masonry products are more economical and cost effective because they usually last a lifetime. To understand why masonry is actually the cheaper option, consider this illustration. Product A costs just $50 while Product B, a masonry product costs $150. Product A lasts for just 3 years while Product B lasts for 30 years. That means that in 30 years, you would have bought 10 (30 years divided by 3) of Product A while Product B is still operational. If you multiply 10 by $50, you will arrive at $500 which is more than thrice the cost of Product B. So, in your opinion, which product proves to be cheaper at the long run? It is definitely Product B. It is needless to say Product B represents masonry products while Product A represents wood.

They are earth-friendly

The world is going green and so are developers and structural engineers. Masonry products are more in line with the concept of “green build” than all wooden products.

Fire resistance

Wooden homes or wooden structures can be razed down by fire because wood is highly flammable. This is why wild fires are common in communities that are full of wooden homes. Masonry products are highly fire resistant so they don’t burn easily. This is probably another reason for their durability.

Termite resistance

Another reason wooden structures are much more expensive is that they require maintenance. For instance, you will have to treat wood with chemicals to prevent the infestation of termites and other insects whereas that is not necessary with masonry structures. The health risks of the insect repellent chemicals are another issue entirely. If your structure is made of masonry, there will be nothing for insects to eat.

Resistance to mold, rotting, and fungi

In a wooden home whenever there is flood, after draining the water, you need to begin to prevent the growth of mold and fungi. Nothing attracts mold like wet wood. If your home is made of masonry, you don’t have to bother about mold or fungi.

Conclusively, in addition to the benefits listed above, it is important to state that masonry also absorbs noise better than wood. Noisy neighbors won’t be such a headache for you in your masonry home and you won’t also be a nuisance to your neighbors.

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