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How To Keep Your Lawn Weed Free

Although it is almost impossible to grow a 100 percent weed free lawn, you can achieve about 90 percent. The main secret behind it is strict monitoring. If you want a weed free lawn, you can’t take your hands off your lawn. However, the tips outlined below can be helpful in growing a weed free lawn.

You need to grow the right grass

To create a great lawn, you should not just grow any grass. You need to first find out the best grass for your region. Apart from location, the season also matters. Some grasses should be grown in warmer season while others grow better in cooler season.

Examples of grasses that you can grow in warmer season are Bermuda, Bahia, St. Augustine, and Zoysia while examples of grass to grow in cooler season are ryegrass, Kentucky bluegrass, and fescue. It is better to make enquiries before growing any grass. Growing the wrong grass can be costly.

Always mow your lawn properly

You have to mow your lawn regularly and more evenly. This is why you must make sure that the blade of your lawn mower is very sharp. You should also avoid creating ruts in the soil or tearing the grass. It is better not to mow your lawn when the soil is wet.

Scout for weeds regularly

You need to always scout for weeds regularly and when you see some weeds, you can give them spot treatment. Your lawn can face several challenges like insect infestation, diseases, bare spots, or weeds but this article focuses on weeds. So, when you come across any weed while scouting, you can just remove them manually without hurting the grass if the weeds are few.

You must always remember that weed multiplies faster than your grass. So, you must deal with them as soon as you see them. When you leave them, they will multiply and begin to share soil nutrients with your grass.

Aerate and Dethatch

When your soil is compact, it will be difficult for both air and water to permeate through it so you should always dethatch your soil for more effective aeration. It is needless to remind you that inadequate water and air will lead to unhealthy grass.

Spray weed killers

There is a reason this tip came last. Since the world is going green and a lot of chemicals pose health risks, this option should be a last resort. To use any weed killer, you must take the time to read and understand the instruction and follow it to the letter.

Never spray weed killers randomly as you can kill some of the grasses and create bare spots. You must use it for spot treatment. You should spray it on only the weeds. Note that the weeds won’t die immediately; it may take up to 4 weeks for them to die. So, you have to wait for at least four weeks before you spray it again.

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